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We are a proudly Canadian company that develops applications for use with emerging technologies. We are blockchain and cryptocurrency specialists.


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Blockchain Intergration

Is your business ready to take advantage of emerging blockchain solutions? Let's take a look at some of the primary functions of distributed ledger technologies and how they can benefit your business.

Agile App Development

We convert PoCs into full fledged applications after client validation. This production ready solution will be scalable, robust, and most importantly use-friendly!





Let's Get Started!

Take a look at our core service offerings and then contact us today to see how we can help with your blockchain aspirations!

Before spending a lot of money, we push for concept validation. Through this we aim to build a viable proof of concept at the onset of every project.

How many tokens should we launch with? How do we price them? What's the relationship between supply and demand? We can help bring you confidence in your tokenomics.

Ready to take your application to market? Our team of engineers is prepared to offer scaling solutions and decentralized infrastructure among other blockchain assets.

Perfect Fit Integration

Blockchain technologies are part of an emerging sector based on decentralized infrastructure. Integrating this type of bleeding-edge tech can be a daunting task without the proper experience required to select the appropriate technical candidate for your business.


Executive Training
& Technical Courses

Take your team to the next level by incorporating blockchain training. Find out how it will impact your business and your industry, how to integrate and remain ahead of the curve!


Learn to identify market trends and apply them to your business goals.

Ready to take on investors? Review potential funding options like STO's.

Enhance your in-house development team by adopting blockchain methodologies.

Create a plan that is focused on successful execution and backed by industry experience.

Compare blockchain solutions for payment integrations within your current business.

We're ready for projects of any size. Big or small we have something to offer you!

Connect With Us Today & Embrace The Blockchain Revolution.

Building Blockchains Canada is an application development firm that focuses on blockchain and other emerging technologies.
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